Qi Gong

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Dragon Dance Qi Gong

In this video, you may feel the divine dragon energy flowing in the movement. 

In several occasions, I saw an actual hawk actively flying in circle above my head while I am performing the dragon dance. There are several dragons appearing in this field as you opened up in the qi gong. The energy field is quite massive should you attempt to measure the field. 


What You May Get:

The dragon will guide you to move your body in the zero point field. In this beautiful dynamic of the relationship, you will learn how to trust, how to be guided, connect with your dragons, build dragon relationship, and surrender to your ego. This moving meditation may teach you to embrace the inner dragon power within you. It is just like dancing the tango. -AninaThaiye

Emi Qi Gong: This is an easy simple exercise that anyone can perform any time. The best time is early in the morning. These movements have been influenced by Qi Gong, human body system, and holistic health practice. It focuses on targeted areas helping to maximize intuition center and general good health practice. It is appropriate for both men and women and all ages.

Come and Play with the Dragons! 

If you didn't get the download, please email info@tnanohealingtools.com 

Slow Ritualized Movement Reduces Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Anxiety, Stress, and Pain

-Clinical J of Oncology Nursing. Dec. 2013. The benefits of medical qi gong in patients with cancer. overcast et al.

Here's how

It requires just you. No need of other exercise tools, machines, or drugs. It takes 10 minutes upon waking up in the morning or any time in the day. This is the exercise that can generate blood flow to the brain. It helps you to focus and doing sensitive work.


I know, I am excited to have it too :)

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