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Sorry, we no longer make the disc. It is considered collectible item. Please put your name on the waiting list and we will reserve it for you when it is available.

"I AM Unity" was created as part of the Essenes. It helps with unifying your energy. It's good for people that have ADHD/ADD, can't focus, unorganized behavior, and unifying male & female energy. It generates 10 ft radius of high frequency energy field. See other discs. Green/gold color. (it doesn't come with bag)

What is tNANO? It’s a high-tech tool that performs as a multi-function scalar wave energy generator. It's the All-In-One tool that is intuitive. PHAT: protect you from negative energy, heal you 24/7, amplify your energy field while filter chi, transcend your brainwave to theta/delta allowing activation of quantum field.

♡ When one opens and connected in the quantum field, one has access to infinite possibilities to manifest for love, abundance, and most importantly to change the world.


Sorry, we will no longer be making it when out of stock.

Here's how

Use them for energy healing on yourself and others. Place them several of the discs of the 15 chakra to clean/clear negative energy. Place it on the body for protection. Place it on your third eye for focus messages. It prevents the repossession of the dark energy when in contact. Place it under your pillow to help you heal throughout the night and promote dreamtime. It promotes sleep.

Having tNANO product on you is like having your own personal energy healer with you 24/7. Any of tNANO protects you from ghost, demons, entity, psychic attack, and lower frequency beings.

Use tNANO to clean, clear crystal, water, food, and plant. It clean and clear itself. Safe on ill person, children, pets, and plants. It promotes creativity and clarity of the mind. It's grounding ability allow safe way for sensitive work to be perform at the optimal level.

Set up cones and disc.



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