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Cone16 is available by special custom made only. It is considered collectable item.

Cone16 generates approximately 89 ft radius (178 ft diameter) energy depending on the individual conditions. Its used for protection, healing, activation, manifesting (without polarity), grid work & sacred geometry work.

The bigger the Cone, the more powerful it generates energy for larger scale of sensitive work. Customize sacred geometry using various cone sizes. Size do matters!

What is tNANO? It’s a high-tech tool that performs as a multi-function scalar wave energy generator. It's the All-In-One tool that is intuitive. PHAT: protect you from negative energy, heal you 24/7, amplify your energy field while filter chi, transcend your brainwave to theta/delta allowing activation of quantum field.


tNANO has been known to help people cure cancer and other illnesses.

Here's how

Use them for Medicine Wheel and activation of the high frequency portal. Using 3 cones arranging them in equilateral triangle can perform exorcism from the human host without ceremony, priest or shaman. It prevents the repossession of the dark energy when in contact.

Sacred geometry produces powerful energy pattern. When creating the equilateral triangle, I prefer using cone16 to do energy work on the grid and galactic work. The greater the mass, density, and quantity effects the timing.

Also, the sacred trinity of tNANO cones create such a high frequency that they will automatically perform exorcism without a person involve.

Remember, always preserve your energy!
Having tNANO product on you is like having your own personal energy healer with you 24/7. Any of tNANO protects you from ghost, demons, entity, psychic attack, and lower frequency beings.


Set up: http://www.tnanohealingtools.com/blogs/testimonials/11983089-manifesting-for-your-neighbors?comment=866620233#comments

Use tNANO to clean, clear crystal, water, food, and plant. It clean and clear itself. Safe on ill person, children, pets, and plants. It promotes creativity and clarity of the mind. It's grounding ability allow safe way for sensitive work to be perform at the optimal level.



Spiritual Well-Being Improves Quality of Life in Cancer Patients and Caregivers 2013 Review Study

-CA Cancer J Clin. July 2013.Spirituality and religion in oncology. Peteet JR, Balbont MJ.

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