3-D Body Scan

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Our Services By Appointments:
•3D Full Body Assessment 
•Customized Weight Loss Program
•Genetic Testing and Metabolic Assessment
•Screening for Causes of ADHD and finding right solutions


It is the most sophisticated medical diagnostic system available today. It looks deep into your body functional parameters, finds the root causes of your health problems and uncovers silent processes in your body. It is absolutely non-invasive and doesn’t use Radiation or Ultrasound. You don’t need to wait days or months for your results. Results are available immediately. Based on your Assessment we will recommend you the easiest and the most effective natural solution for your problem. You will get immediate answer to your health problems and immediate solutions, whether it concerns your heart and cardiovascular system, thyroid function, digestive system, immune system or weight problem. Now you will have a clear map to your Health and  only YOU will be in control of your Health, nobody else. 

•It generates 3D dynamic Body Models and Graphs to monitor your Health

•Gives Visual representations of major organs and systems in 3D Graphics

•Calculates accurate acid-base status (pH) of the patient’s body

•Displays Visualization of Your Pain

•Screens for Type II Diabetes, Renal Disorders, Prostate Disorder, Thyroid  and more

•Measures and calculates many cardiovascular parameters (such as elasticity and

stiffness of the blood vessels, heart left ventricle function, oxygen content, ejection fraction, tissue ischemia,

arrhythmia, cholesterol and triglycerides levels)

•Accurately estimates brain neurotransmitters status

•Screens for stress factors related to erectile dysfunction (ED)

•Studies treatment effectiveness and possible side effects

It is very accurate and reliable finding of causes of Neurological disorders in adults and children (Depression, ADHD) using several most state-of the-art non invasive medical devices which help us to detect Depression Marker, Bipolar Marker and Unipolar Marker.  Based on the findings we will offer you the best and the easiest non-invasive solution to your problem.

It is a simple blood spot test. The Test identifies genetic changes, called single nucleotide polymorphisms(referred to as SNPs and pronounced SNIPS) in thirty genes. When you see some symptoms, you need to find out where the body is not doing its job well. Symptoms are the signs that somewhere inside, the body is not performing the right steps in sequence necessary to maintain optimal health. Once you find out where it is happening, you can begin to learn more about exactly why and what to do about it and what kind genetic supplement to take. Supplementation with appropriate foods and nutrients can bypass these mutations to allow for restored function of the pathway.

Come and experience the Technology of the 22nd Century!

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Meet our medical advisor, Dr. Gina Luba. She is an expert in 3D body scan and has latest information on medicine and technology for your optimal health and well being.


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