Why Should You Protect Your Pet?

Your pet is part of the family dynamic. It has brought love and joy many hearts. It is vital that they are cared for in proper way.
Animals are just like human. Some believe that animals are reincarnation of human here for the animal experience in 3 dimensional (3D) reality. Part of human genetic is highly close to some of the animals (i.e. rat, retile brain, primate). They have chakra system that allows them to exist in 3D reality. They can feel, see, hear, touch the energy in their environment more so than human; especially using their animal instinct. Some of the environmental factors that cause distortion to their optimal health is energy pollution such as electromagnetic field (EMF) and extremely lower frequency (ELF). Both of these toxic energies disrupt the natural animal instinct and 5 senses to connect with Mother Earth. The distortion of energy may promote the cause of illness such as cancer, and abnormal behaviors that maybe violent or withdrawal.

True story:
Mr. Balto, my full size poodle, ran around the house and barked uncontrollably letting me know that my roommate was going have seizure. My roommate had a seizure 12 hours later.
In China, the villagers and seismologist experimented using to detect earthquake. They have found that snakes will come out of the hole a day before earthquake.
If you have pet bird living in earthquake area, notice pet bird continuously cry and anxiously fly around the cage without reasons.

Your pets are more highly sensitive to their environment than human counterparts. Wearing tNANO pendant protects your pets from these toxic environment. It helps keep their body grounded to Mother Earth so that they can maintain their natural animal instinct. It promotes clearing their chakra and normalize their body to optimal health and well being.

Price includes pendant & lobster claw latch. Good for all animals.

Treat others (human/animals) as you would treat yourself!
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