Why Different Levels of Karmic Transformation?

What is Karmic Transformation?

It is the Declaration of Divinity. 

Karmic Transformation allows the person to clean and clear away of the past connection in 3 levels:
level 1-Karmic Transformation Basic: is the DNA lineage from your current 3D reality life with your body skin suit. it allows the person to assist others as well given that they have the permission. sometimes, one can ask permission at their highest soul level for permission rather than in 3D. at this level, some have had family or past lives that one's body has been injured and paying off the "debt" in this life time.
level 2-Karmic Transformation Entry Master Level: has to do directly deal with your soul. some of you are currently Anglo-Saxon and remembered that you were of Atlastis time or was an Asian decendant. How is it possible? this is called clearing of the ancestral karma at the soul level. the soul energy needs a hair as part of DNA linkage as it burned off. it's an intermediate level.
level 3-Karmic Transformation Senior Master Level: this is an advanced level. normally, it would take one a life time and many future life time to achieve at this level living in isolation. this level helps resolve your highest divinity ascend even at higher level to Prime Creator Source. yes, it means that a spot of ur blood is necessary connection to your physical being. everything gets burned off. the DNA never lies as many of the human beings have been hi jacked and have implants. This is the ultimate level that NO implants can exist, no distortion without conscious awareness can exist. This is when one is completely free.

Various levels is available for everyone when one is ready for spiritual transformation that manifested in physical, mental, emotional. One can't complete all levels in 1 month as the journey has to be observed and learned. it brings awareness and develop intuition and inner wisdom.
All of these ancestral karmic healing is a here as "short cut" but one still has to do the work except it's not a life time work that takes your entire life. It's up to individual to decide if what is "right" for himself/herself.
Your choice for spiritual advancement is up to you and your path that determine which level that you are ready for.
The Ancestral Karmic Healing is not for everyone as they are not ready for the spiritual advancement and accepting their own true Divinity power within themselves due to all the distortion.

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