Lotus Session

“The Path to Attaining Love, Compassion & Wisdom is to Heal Oneself”-   AninaThaiye

This is a reading/healing session.  

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Thank you for inquiring Reading/healing session. This is an interactive one-on-one session done over Skype (U.S./international) or phone (incoming calls only). Before engaging in commencing the session, you must decide on the commitment of your passage of free will. 

If this is your first time having a session with me, I suggest two hours. Its normal for people to carry past lives into this life time compounded with "unwanted" choices and actions that did not serve the highest purpose; therefore, be open to exploring continuing your sessions. Life is an investment and it's within your free will to further your spiritual journey for your highest good for the ultimate transformation.  

How Does Lotus Session Work?

Prepare before the session:

  • Have 5 questions
  • Have recording device for the session. Test it out.
  • Add AninaThaiye tNANO on your Skype
  • How much healing are you open to accepting and the investment of time and energy put into the process?

During the session, I tune into the aspect of your trinity (you, soul, divinity) and may:

  1. Read your "Akashic/Cosmic" record
  2. Deprogram your system & remove implants
  3. Perform activation
  4. Provide protection in multiple dimensions
  5. Clear your karma
  6. Provide life coach
  7. Connect you with your deceased love ones & soul family 
  8. Deconstruct your body matrix for higher frequency restoring your human suit technology
  9. Healing your souls in multiple dimensions
  10. Healing in this life time situations 
  11. Inform the galactic history, Gia, and current events
  12. Read your health, love life, career, family, life purpose, etc...
  13. You get homework instructions 
  14. Read your DNA not your aura.

After the session, with your permission, I check up on you periodically. I only look through the window of the house, but not the private area. I do not interfere with your karma or your life unless I am being asked.  When I see something that is of concerned then I will contact you via Skype. It would help me greatly since I am on the Quantum clock and there are many spiritual families that I am shepherding!   Signing up for my session, you become member of the divinity spiritual family circle. 

Continue Spiritual Divinity Education. Life happens with infinite possibilities for your exploration!  

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