What is tNANO made of?

tNANO is a healing tool made of scalar wave technology that works in the law of quantum physic. It contains inorganic, organic, and crystals of highly energetic materials that function as tachyon energy to the humans. The quality of the materials are hand picked by the experts. It takes about 4 weeks to make one tNANO product that is individually hand crafted. Each tNANO product is unique. 

How is tNANO use in healing You?

Human beings are made up of bio-photons and varying electromagnetic frequencies affect our internal and external energies. When exposed, our body absorbs and stores these harmful frequencies. These EMF/ELF waves are produced by TVs, computers, cell phones and power lines that lead to damages within our molecular cell structure.

Internal negative energies are harmful to our body are created by our own negative thinking. Long exposure to these energies weaken your immune system and potentially leads to damaged cells and illness.

Because our conscious/subconscious mind is a powerful generator and manifestor, diseases and unwanted events in our lives happen. Therefore optimal healing comes from within when the mind takes a quantum leap of transcending to the zero-point field by shamatha meditation and theta/delta brain waves.

The tNANO technology and tools activates the unity of transcending mind-body-spirit as one and allowing alignment with the divine self – a connection with higher resources, manifestation, and where the alpha brain waves drop into the heart space effortlessly.

It is the key to the supreme skill of mastering self-improvement at the highest consciousness level that opens the gate of infinite possibilities.

tNANO is the All-In-One properties: PHAT

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