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No Hassle

The Webinar provides a convenient online live video educational courses in your home. Each class is limited to 25 seating only. You have priority reservation when you become I AM Phoenix member.

All of the courses come with demoting and reading to assess and analyze your energy for optimizing your sensitive work. The energy assessment is done randomly in a shared group setting. It is not guaranteed that everyone will receive due to the number of people that signed up and time.  For full reading/activation/healing in private, please book your appointment for Lotus/Phoenix session.

Offering Courses:

  • Dynamic of Energy I-III
  • Dragon Ley Line
  • Intuitive Development


  1. Find the course that you want.
  2. Book Your Appointment & Pay
  3. Register at www.GoToMeeting.com
  4. Prepare for course. Write some few questions. 
  5. Set up your computer for the online course. Test it out after set up or it will delay your session. 

Requirements for Set Up:

  1. PC/Mac computer. Tablet/iPad/Android cellphone/iPhone will work.
  2. Internet connection. There are public places that have free wifi (check your local area).
  3. Microphone on your computer for 2-way communication. If you would like to be seen for face time, please install camera unless it is preinstalled on your computer. 
  4. Read more. Click on Quick Attendee Reference Guide (PDF). Still need help? They have really nice customer service when you contact them for help.
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