“The Path to Attaining Compassion and Wisdom Is to Heal Oneself”- AninaThaiye

  1. This service is unique in that it may required unlimited amount of time and energy resolving abnormally challenging situations. Should it required more than 1 hour then you may need to reserve more hours. It is a case by case depending on the situation that may involve you and/or several people. If given directions are not being followed then we have the rights to terminate any services. 
  2. Lotus healing is a private one-on-one interaction for reading/healing/protection/activation. Ancestral Karmic Healing is not included, but it is highly recommended. 
  3. When you RSVP with Karmic Transformation, it will be done within 48 hours unless the situations required different strategies. Read more
  4. Book your appointment online. You will receive a Skype within 24 hours of the date and time of the reservation was made. Please leave information of your situations & the purpose of your emergency. 
  5. After booking, please add AninaThaiye of tNANO to your Skype. 
  6. Buy your tNANO tools for protection, healing, amplifying, transcending. Any orders will be shipped out within 24 hours at the time of the order if they are available.  
  7. download FORM for karmic clearing (optional).
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