The Birth of tNANO

I started creating tNANO to help me heal from series of health issues as part of self transformation journey. In 2002-2007, I was diagnosed positive for turberculoses. I took TB drug that damaged my liver and I was at near death. After countless events of checking myself in the emergency medical care every other day, my body was getting worst from medical testing of MRI, radiation IV, etc...and I nearly died. I remembered how shameful the doctor made me feel since they could not treat and find proof what was wrong with my body. I got tired of being sick, weak, and hopeless that I decided to self healed myself. I spent uninterrupted 5 days of meditation without energy healing or medicine. After one month, I was tested negative for TB. In addition of the near death experiences from the liver damage, my body was going through more transformation of the adrenal and gastral intestinal failure. When I could not walk for a month because of a bicycle accident, I sought alternative medicine to treat my traumatized body and broken left knee instead of surgery. Within these times, I realized that an energy healer can be expensive and has limitation of healing skills. In addition, my body was acting like a sponge absorbing other people's energy as they were healing my body. My health was not improving. The cost of my health, happiness, seemed like a life time of suffering was taking too long to be healed. I was dissatisfied by the unjust and the continuous suffering within myself and the imposed negativities by the world that we live in. When does it ends? 

Since the 5 days meditation, I have had many countless spiritual awakening of remembering who I was and retrieving my gifts. On February 2012, I created my first tNANO disc during the most powerful time. I attempted to capture the energy of the Venus transit, the eclipse and double full moon inside the muffin size disc. The disc harnessed the powerful scalar wave energy that I used for self healing. They were invented to be the ultimate All-In-One tool that acts like the "Philosopher Stone" for protection, healing, amplifying, and transforming. Having the tNANO is like having my own personal healer and protector 24/7 while increasing my vibration to higher frequency allowing me to be in the Quantum field and to experience total transformation without traumatizing the human body skin technology. The tNANO products in combination of the Prime Creator seal helped me progress in my spiritual development at a quantum rate.  It opened up the sacred trinity of my self, soul, divinity allowing me to connect with Prime Creator within me. When I realized how powerful this tool is, I wanted to share with other people to become awaken. I wanted people to be able to embrace their divine rights and responsibility of owning the gifts and connecting to their Divinity and the Universal Source without suffering. The tNANO saved my life and activated my inner Divinity to fully remembering who I AM.

Today, I continue to use tNANO as daily maintenance in my Divine integration of the alignment. I use tNANO products to work on the mother earth and galactic work. It has helped my body experiencing physical transformation with ease and grace without pain as I continue to acclimate to the new earth changes. The tNANO has made life easier helping me maintaining higher frequency in order to continue achieving the ultimate ascension. 

I believe that everyone is capable of achieving the level of consciousness that I have in addition to attaining many gifts of healing and manifesting. I believe that since we are completely bombarded with negativities that we owe it to ourselves to take short cut to achieve the ultimate healing and awakening. There is no more distortion of fear to stop you waking up to remembering who you are. Only you can invest in your own personal spiritual journey. Until then we are nothing but a robot programmed to perform other's agenda at the cost of our health, happiness, life, and worst of all our divinity.

Life Transformation Without Suffering but with Ease and Grace

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