Post Karmic Transformation Ceremony

Practice Divinity Code: living with heart wisdom with love/light to practice love, compassion, forgiveness so that all consciousness beings have the rights to exist in harmony returning home to the Prime Creator for the ultimate ascension.


The ceremony for the Karmic Transformation has been completed. Your karma and your ancestors karma have received blessing, healing, and release into the “Prime Creator or Source”. Today on forward, it is highly suggested that you take conscious efforts before you are thinking, feeling, believing, talking, verbalizing words, and taking actions. All these can create new unwanted karma. You keep working on building all the good karma. The goal in this life time is to continue to create positive karma that increases your body to become higher frequency allowing for new gifts and ultimately transitioning to various levels of ascension.


These are few tips for living a higher frequency conscious life style.



  1. Fumigate with sage to clear your energy from documents such as loan, student loan, banking documents, phone bills, electric bills, etc...to release any attachment of your physical names to the banking systems.

  2. Avoid committing yourself into the banking systems. They control your energy with your name. Gauge what you will allow for your existence.

  3. Use tNANO products to neutralize any banking systems by placing the cone in the house and/or the business papers.

  4. You can ask for your soul family to be your guides and help you on your life path. Ask only of the highest light soul and not the lower frequency that may give you unwanted solutions.

  5. Have contract only with your highest Divinity.

  6. When in doubt, don't get in any contracts with anyone or anything. 


  1. Keep your environment clean and pure without attachment as much as possible due to distortion. Less is more.

  2. Notice any settle energies. The most powerful energy comes in subtlety like humility versus ego. You may experience seeing aura, energy, etc...

  3. Relax and embrace the day for what it is and have no expectations. Live, Love, Laugh!

  4. Start comparing what was before and what is now? Any changes and differences? This develops intuition.

  5. Use tNano cones to clear the negative energy in the house as people passing by and you bringing the energy to your sacred home. The tNano promotes healing, protection, grounding, and amplifying your energy field. Save your own energy!

  6. Eat high frequency food such as raw vegetable and fruits. Avoid meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and any food that may contain heavy metals, pesticides, and GMO. Grow your own food. Consider (+) 60% vegetarian & 40% whatever organic food.

  7. Drink high frequency and/or filtered water. Minimum half gallon a day. We are 75-85% water.

Me, Myself & I:

  1. It's your life and your freewill for your existence.

  2. Watch your thoughts, words, and actions. Energy flows where the mind goes.

  3. Practice love, compassion & forgiveness; it's Universal law, for Self and others.

  4. Laugh daily like it's your last day on earth.

  5. Share your loving kindness with someone daily (words, actions) without judgement.

  6. Give thanks for the daily blessing unconditionally.

  7. Honor yourself, people in your life, and your enemies because they remind us to the humility.

  8. Take moral responsibilities for your words and actions.

  9. Have connection with your mind, body, soul, and Divinity.

  10. Meditate daily.

  11. Avoid making unwanted karma that come back to haute you now or in the future.

  12. Wear tNano pendant/disc as it continues to clear and clean your energy because life happens.

  13. Adopt healthier life style. Ancestor Karma Healing does not get rid of all your personalities, characters, old habits, illness, etc...you must continue to de program the old thinking due to culture, society, family, religion, etc...Only you can clean your closet!

  14. Any repeating lessons mean you have not learned the lessons so please put more attention to it and learn it fast so you can move on. Questions for inner self study: “What is the lesson in this situation?” “How can I do it differently?” “What is it that they want me to learn so I can apply it in the future?”

  15. When in doubt, hug yourself and say “I love you” until you feel lighter.

  16. Continue to be transformed and activated to higher levels.

  17. Respect Mother Earth as you are made of her. Please take care of her as it's everyone's responsibility

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