Phoenix Session

The Great Warrior is One That Knows When to Drop the Sword and Attain Compassion and Wisdom As A Resolution For All” – AninaThaiye

This is a reading/healing session for Junior & Senior Master Level. 

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  1. Designed for Master Healers, Healers, apprentices, and potential healers.
  2. Learn intuitive development, working with Mother Earth, matrix, galactic work, interpersonal relationship with other beings, and advanced healing techniques & knowledge.
  3. Provide diagnostic evaluation and solutions for your energy work to maximize your gifts.
  4. Include advance Lotus session as your needs for reading/healing/activation is necessary as part of your development in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical training. The “best” healer is one whom heal thyself!
  5. My methodology requires a potential healer to resolve all personal issues in order to be cleared at the divine level for future energetic work. It may be necessary to receive several Ancestral Karmic Healing (not included) sessions to advance the higher dimensional level work.
  6. Prerequisite: 2 Lotus Session+Level 2(min) Ancestral Karmic Healing
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  8. Get tNANO products for protection, healing, amplifying, and transcending. 
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