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I highly recommend wearing the tNANO pendant 24/7 because it will give you and maintain high vibration consistently. The I AM One with Creator is my favorite disc. It is very powerful scalar wave energy. It gives you the ability to stay in touch with your dream. It can shift your brain wave into theta wave fast. The powerful scalar wave helps me to deeper sleep, helps in DNA activation, cleans/clears my energy field, and alleviates pain as the body goes through transformation at cellular level. Also, most of lower negative entity and demonic energies do not vibrate at this high level so they will leave you alone. The cone is by far the most powerful of all the tNANO products. It's the mechanical infrastructure of tachyon technology that allow you to be the "driver" of energy. I use the cones a lot when doing my sensitive work to preserve my human body skin technology and not burn out.

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