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Together We Can Change the Future Assisting Humanity to Higher Consciousness

At tNANO we are proud to present the ultimate All-In-One tools that protect, heal, amplify, and transcend your mind 24/7. These amazing tools will help transform your spirit, mind, and body in quantum time for higher consciousness. The tNANO generates high frequency waves allowing you to perform sensitive work without taxing your own energy in addition to restoring your body to its original divine self. They are designed to work on multiple dimensions while providing you more stability and continuous growth in balanced energy holistically unlike any other devices and more importantly, without distortions. 

Our mission is to bring highest quality ingredients infused with advanced technology that is safe, practical, convenient, immediate delivery, and highly effective. These tools are usable for all conscious beings: adults, children, pets, plants, and environment. 

We take pride in creating each of the products. We spend our time selecting individual crystals looking for the colors, sounds, vibrations, and their higher consciousness. We select only with the highest intention of each crystal and other inorganic materials that are used. Several layers of materials are assembled together and it takes a  minimum of three weeks. The timing in co-creating with the cosmic alignment is part of the process. Each piece is like a work of art that is individually hand crafted, meaning that no same piece is exactly alike. 

In the four weeks of intense assembly, the last phase involves receiving the highest level of programming each of the products to ensure authenticity. The tNANO gets energized and programmed ready to be working with your highest intention.

As a citizen of our beautiful Mother Earth, our facility practices clean and save environment production. We use recyclable shipping materials to reduce waste on her land. We use natural light to reduce energy cost leaving less carbon footprint. None of the products have had animal testing involved. We only purchase resources from suppliers that practice sound ethic codes and fair trade. We are located near the throat chakra and on the earth meridian, San Diego, CA. 

tNANO is created for the "chosen" partner to have the experience of the ultimate transformation with ease and grace. It is intuitively working with you as a personal guide holding your hands through your spiritual journey. When you buy our tNANO, your energy is tuned in and matched with the "chosen" tNANO for the highest intention. The versatility of tNANO is infinite so that you can use it on other people without having to clean and clear it. The tNANO is created with tender loving hands gifted to your heart.

Since it is necessary to depend on the contribution of Nickie's energy in creating the tNANO, she will be creating only a limited total of 100 tNANO cones and discs per year.  We know that these special tNANO tools are powerful and we are keeping our integrity by making them as limited collections and collectible items. Each limited edition comes with its own authorized certificate of authenticity. 

Our vision is to expand the tNANO production in the pendant line making it available for every citizen on earth. For every tNANO product that you purchase, we will contribute in supporting the vision of tNANO. The expansion will allow us to globally establish the tNANO Institute providing the state of the art in the dynamics of energy education, healing consultation and services to all beings. The institute will specialize in healing ill children and pregnant mothers who are in the most need of assistance. Together we can change the future by assisting humanity to achieve the next level of higher consciousness. 

The tNANO is Created With Tender Loving Hands Gifted to Your Heart ♥♥♥

Amount of Gift

Our Goal Is to Raise 100,000 U.S. Dollars

For Our Vision

Gifting From Your Heart Project is created in supporting the vision of tNANO in building the 5D New Earth. We need your loving support as we are racing against time in helping humanity. We accept your kind prayers, sweats and labor, and monetary value. We appreciate your generous offering by giving the gift from your heart back to humanity's heart today. Our Vision:

  1. Mass production of the tNANO pendant product line.
  2. Making the tNANO pendant products available and affordable for everyone at global level.
  3. Create a non-profit humanitarian organization, tNANO Institute, at every corner of the neighborhood.
  4. At tNANO Institute, we specialize in providing a holistic energetic healing and assistance to ill children and pregnant mothers whom cannot afford it.
  5. The tNANO Institute welcomes everyone: all beings, men, women, children, animals, plants, and environment. 
  6. The tNANO Institute donates gift of tNANO healing tools to people that cannot afford their own.
  7. The tNANO Institute is not a religious base. It is an education center providing information and training in healing energy dynamic: methods and understanding of meditation, self healing, self protection, intuitive development, and spiritual development for themselves and for others as part of the daily life routine.
  8. The tNANO Institute provides information and service on self healing on the SEMP: Spiritual, emotional, mental, physical. 
  9. Build a 2-story high tower of the tNANO cone in each of the city to transmute negative to positive energy. It will be designed as public art installation. 
  10. The tNANO Institute provides books, booklet, social media, and public information educating the public of healing energy dynamic. 
  11. The tNANO seal will be made of advance technology that can be used on a 2D for social media, paper, and set as automated reply signature in private email to spread the activation.
  12. The activation can be generated via tNANO music produced with cone placed in center of quartz crystal bowls. tNANO crystal bowl symphony. This music can be integrated as background music into rock, pop, any music for activation.


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