Lotus Session Homework

Lotus Session Homework

This is a basic outline of your Lotus session homework. Establishing good housekeeping and being disciplined are a cardinal rule when building higher frequency vibrational energy within the cellular level. That's right, we are building at DNA not etheric that cannot be easily shifted. The goal is to prevent the yo-yo syndrome and promote sustaining higher vibration continuously; particularly when we are being challenged and tested by people and environment.

  1. BATH Daily warm-hot bath in bath tub. If no bath tub, use bucket to soak feet (1⁄2:1/2). Soak 20 minutes for 5-7 days, then every other day is recommended.
    1:1 to 3:3 cup ratio of epsom salt and sea salt. No essential oil. Keep it simple and plain.

  2. WATER Drink approximately 1⁄2 gallon of reversed osmosis/Kagen water throughout the day. You can add 1⁄4-1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to 1 gallon of water. Drink plenty of water specially after epsom salt bath to replace minerals. *

  3. IODINE Lugol iodine is part iodine & potassium iodine that thyroids need from outside sources to make hormones. Then adrenal glands convert them to sex hormones. Follow instructions how much to take. Observe your body responses.

  4. JUICE Daily morning Galactic juice provides high nutritional diet supporting higher vibrational body during transformation. Add napa cabbage or bok choy to your juice (1⁄4-1/2 c chopped). See Galactic juice recipe.

  5. 60/40 Consider doing min 60% vegetarian & 40% whatever. Flexible with freewill to choose.

  6. EXERCISE Incorporate daily exercise that connects your mind/body/spirit: yoga, qi gong

  7. MEDITATION Daily meditation using tNANO disc (I AM One with Creator) helps change

    your brain wave faster. Practice shifting gear in and out of theta to alpha and beta is a great for

    the intuitive development. Promotes dreamtime when tucking it underneath pillow.

  8. TRINITY Build your sacred relationship with Self, Soul & Divinity. Look in mirror and repeat,

    day 1: “i love you”                                     day 2: “you love me”
    day 3: “she/he loves me”                          day 4: “she/he loves you”
    day 5, etc....and if you forget, need extra tender loving care, say “i love you”

  9. POWER Take Adrenal glands supplement. This is your central power house generator.

  10. BODYWORK Incorporate minimum once a week of deep tissue neuromuscular massage.

  11. SPINE Minimum once a week of chiropractic work keeps spine strait. No cracking neck.

  12. PENDANT Wear your tNANO pendant to maintain building higher frequency vibration at

    cellular level. All of tNANO products act as immune modulator that normalizes hormones and endocrine system. It makes sense wearing it because you are mobile.
    See more info at
    www.tNANO.net Go to store at www.etsy.com/shop/tNANOhealingtool

  13. CONE For serious energy worker, the powerful cone(s) resolve your energy crisis. Direct the tip on the area of your body that needs most attention as laser to heal or charge up energy. Keep you and your loved ones (pets love it) cleaned, healthier, higher vibration, and grounded when placed in living space as a Chi/Qi filter.

  14. ANCESTRAL Ancestral karmic healing is part of all sentient existence. Get good karmic credit by helping others when resolving yours. Complete FORM & send it to karma@tnanohealingtools.com or mail. Recite daily revocation until you received a notice completion via email.

    Divinity Source Code of Ethics

Allow your heart wisdom guiding your light as you Practice Love, Compassion & Forgiveness


*Please consult your team of doctors, nutritionist, psychologist, any health care giver for medical advise before completing these suggestions; particularly if you are on medication and under supervision of medical care.

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