Karmic Clearing-Entry Master Level

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This is an Entry Master Level Karmic Transformation. 

What You Get:

Healing is an investment for yourself and your entire bloodline family that will reflect yours and all your family bloodline incarnation in the next time. What you choose to do today will effect all people and things around you now and in the future. The karmic clearing may clear your life "obstacles, some illnesses, curses" and may bring good luck, and restore your health, wealth, peace of mind, fragmented soul, blessings from the highest source, protection, and clear of DNA that passed on from generations to generations.  So, for what i am offering is beyond valued. Life is an investment and people have to choose with freewill. 

You fill out a form, send it in. There is no consultation session. Anina  does all the work for you and will send you a notice once it is completed. Sit back and relax.

For less than a cost of starbucks's coffee you can change your whole life and future!

$300 USD total 

1. 3 month: 100 per month,  25 per week, 3.57 per day 

2. 6 month: 50 per month, 12.5 per week, 1.79 per day 

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