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I AM the Rising Phoenix Members

Divinity Code: living in heart wisdom with love/light to practice love, compassion & forgiveness so that all conscious beings have the right to exist in harmony returning home to the Prime Creator for the ultimate ascension.

I AM the Rising Phoenix is a membership base of dedicated community of advanced light workers, healers, and people who want to contribute to building the 5D New Earth. Our mission is to activate Divinity Code. This is a global effort. These members may be involved in various projects: grid work, mother earth, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, crystal kingdom, intra terrestrials beings, extra terrestrial beings, galactic work, dragon ley line, Golden matrix, teach & practice sacred neutrality, etc...

Prerequisite: 2 lotus sessions +2 karmic transformation, tNANO tools, loving compassionate heart


  1. Get priority RSVP for any of Webinar classes
  2. Earning good Karmic Credits
  3. Be part of making historical events in building the 5D New Earth. Yes, it will be written in your Akashic record.
  4. Serving humanity
  5. Living in alignment of your life higher purposes
  6. Learn about energy in multi dimensions 
  7. More is coming...


tNANO Divinity Code Global Activation Project

This group was created as an open forum for anyone who has the dedication to assist humanity in various levels. 

Prerequisite: Your loving compassionate heart + tNANO tools


            For Every tNANO Product Purchased, You                                                            

                       Are Contributing to Our Vision


Amount of Gift

Our Goal Is to Raise 500,000 U.S. Dollars

For Our Vision

The Gifting From Your Heart Project is created in supporting the vision of tNANO by building the 5D New Earth. We need your loving support as we are racing against time to help humanity. We accept your kind prayers, sweat and labor, and monetary contributions. We appreciate your generous offering by giving the gift from your heart back to humanity's heart today. Our Vision:

  1. Mass production of the tNANO pendant product line.
  2. Making the tNANO pendant products available and affordable for everyone at global level.
  3. Create a non-profit humanitarian organization, tNANO Institute, at every corner of the neighborhood.
  4. At tNANO Institute, we specialize in providing a holistic energetic healing and assistance to ill children and pregnant mothers whom cannot afford it.
  5. The tNANO Institute welcomes everyone: all beings, men, women, children, animals, plants, and environment. 
  6. The tNANO Institute donates gifts of tNANO healing tools to people that cannot afford their own.
  7. The tNANO Institute is not a religiously based. It is an education center providing information and training in healing energy dynamics: methods and understanding of meditation, self healing, self protection, intuitive development, and spiritual development for themselves and for others as part of the daily life routine.
  8. The tNANO Institute provides information and service on self healing on the SEMP: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical. 
  9. Build a 2-story high tower of the tNANO cone in each of the cities to transmute negative to positive energy. It will be designed as a public art installation. 
  10. The tNANO Institute provides books, booklets, social media, and public information educating the public on healing energy dynamics. 
  11. The tNANO seal will be made of advanced technology that can be used on a 2D sticker for social media, paper, postcard, and sent as an automated reply signature in private email to spread the activation.
  12. The activation can be generated via tNANO music produced with cones placed in the center of quartz crystal bowls. The tNANO crystal bowl symphony. This music can be integrated as background music into rock, pop, or any music for activation.



When you give as a gifts, you do not have to report it. Beginning in the 2009 tax year, the annual limit per gift is $13,000 with a $1 million lifetime maximum. Any amount that exceeds the lifetime maximum is not only subject to the gift tax, but also is subject to the estate tax. Since this year, the estate tax happens to be 0 percent, gifts that exceed $1 million will only be taxed at 35 percent. Read more @ http://www.legalzoom.com/taxes/estate-taxes/understanding-gift-tax

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