How to Prepare for the Forms?

Karmic Transformation Form:                                       It is easier than you think!

  1. This is the Declaration of Divinity. 
  2. It takes several days to weeks to complete form Level#1 depending number of people in your family/personal life/situations.
  3. Use correct form for each of the level.
  4. Fill it out if you are the "applicant" as the initiator of the karmic transformation process. It's your energy/DNA.
  5. Type or hand written in black/blue ink or pencil. Reduce toxic chemicals. 
  6. Level#1 is an open form. You can put anyone names on the form (pet, address, friends, etc...). 
  7. If you are including a land property with address, it is suggested that you send in sample of dried dirt only (1/8 teaspoon) in a paper envelope as all of it will get burn off.  Label your name and address on envelope or it will get lost. This helps release the spirits/ancestors that pre occupied the land. 
  8. You don't know any of your family ancestor names. That's okay. Write: "I include all of my ancestor lineage to receive blessings".
  9. Do the best you can getting permissions from living people for full effect, otherwise partial healing is better than nothing as some are not ready to receive the gift. You can help only those that allowed and you can't save everyone. The main focus is for your healing and advancement in spirituality. 
  10. Did you forget someone names? You are responsible for filling the form and send it in again. DO NOT SEND US ADDITIONAL NAMES VIA EMAIL/FB/SKYPE. The names have to be on the original form. Please check and sleep over it before sending it, otherwise there will be more delays. Remember the ceremony is perform according to around the moon cycle so timing is of the essence. We do not give exact date/time due to interference.
  11. Save form with your name in doc/pdf file.                                                                                            Example:  "karmictransformation.johnsmith.doc" (doc/pdf). Subject: "karma basic"
  12. Keep it to 1 page (print on front/back is optional). Please contribute in making less carbon footprint. 
  13. Use 8-10 font on white/recycle printing paper only. We read the energy-not what's written. No fancy paper with toxic chemicals. 
  14. DO NOT include any other writing on all forms such as google address, brand, website address, company names on the paper or unwanted names that have anything to do with your spiritual journey, etc...
  15. Email Level 1 Form if you don't care of being monitored by the internet. karma@tNANOhealingtools.com
  16. Send in envelope if you want more privacy. Required for Level 1 with dirt and Level 2-3 Form.
  • tNANO Healing Tools                                                P.O. BOX 711927, San Diego, CA 92171


Karmic Transformation Entry Master Level Form:

  1. Follow instructions above. There should be only one name of the applicant. This is a clearing of you soul level for higher ascension.
  2. Need the person' head/arm/facial hair whom is receiving karmic healing and his/her name that is on the revocation same form. Use clear scotch to tape apx 1/4 teaspoon or 3 pieces of hair on form. DO NOT SEND IN SEPARATE ENVELOPE. They get all burned off. 

Karmic Transformation Senior Master Level Form:

  1. Follow instructions above. There should be only one name of the applicant. This is a clearing of the Divinity level for higher ascension. 
  2. Need the person' drop of blood from finger whom is receiving karmic healing and his/her name that is on the revocation same form. DO NOT SEND IN SEPARATE ENVELOPE. They get all burned off.

See Video on Untwisting the Blood Seal, click here.

  1. Please send us an email if you did not receive any appointment confirmation.
  2. Lotus session is reserved for Lotus only. It cannot be substitute for any other services due to time slot availability. 
  3. Did you make wrong appointment? Please cancel and book your appointment again. 
  4. Ancestral Karmic healing is performed 1-2 times per month unless it is signed up with VIP/Emergency.
  5. VIP/Emergency is done within 48 hours when you signed up with Lotus session.
  6. Can't find month you want to book? Scroll calendar to next month if it is not showing on your current month.
  7. Did you forget to put someone name on the form? Fill out the form, send it via mail/email again with the original form. Nickie is not available to do it for you as it has become overwhelming with all the requests. 
  8. All of the consultation appointments are done by you on the booking system. Nickie is not a secretary and is not available to manually book it for you. Use the booking system for your convenient.
  9. Did run into problem with booking and browsing website? Please keep trying because it is being monitored and interfered. Read more
  10. We respect you privacy and rights. Your information is kept in confidentiality unless you inform us to make it public. We do not sell your information to outside party. This is your karmic clearing. 
  11. All voluntarily publicly posted information under the Blogs belong to the property of tNANO Healing Tools and we reserve the right to disclose those information. This is similar to being on other radio station and posting your information on other websites.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse any services. 

Please go through the form carefully before sending it in or it will get sent back in which will cause more delays. 

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