How to prepare for Karmic Transformation

  1. Book Your Appointment. 
  2. After receiving email confirmation upon booking, please fill out Karmic Transformation form. It’s vital that you (your energy, DNA) complete the form.
  3. Use font size 8-10 and keep to 1 page total. Save as "karmic transformation.your name". Send as pdf or doc.
  •  Karmic Transformation Basic Form - this is initial step for general public.
  • *Karmic Transformation Entry Master Level Form - for people whom are interested in spiritual advancement.
  • *Karmic Transformation Senior Master Level Form - for people whom are serious in spiritual advancement and want to do higher sensitive work.
  1. Send it to:
  • Email: karma@tNANOhealingtools.com (fastest method, Level 1 only. use mail if avoiding being censored by internet)
  • Mail in envelope: please contact us directly.
  1. Read the revocation daily until the Karmic Transformation ceremony is completed.
  2. You will received an email of the completion. The ceremony is 8 hours long and performed once a month during the full moon and/or the during the importance date of the cosmic alignment unless it's VIP/Emergency requested to have it done immediately. 
  3. After completion, you will notice new energy. Please read our blog post on “Karmic Transformation– Steps Afterwards.”
  4. Buy your tNANO Tools to help sustain and amplify your higher vibrational body, protection, and transformation.

Check for moon cycle

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