How to Care for Your tNANO

tNANO is made of fragile and highly energetic materials. The disc may chipped when dropped. The cones are super fragile at the tip. Any breakage at the tip of the cone may alter the maximum functionality of the cone. 

Use luke warm to cold water to wash the surface with soft wash cloth or paper towel. Avoid harsh chemical and abrasive materials on the surface (i.e. sand, sharp objects, keys, pen, human nails). Use think fabric wine bottle bag to cover the cone and small pouch for the disc.

tNANO products love sun/moon bathing. They love playing in the rain and swimming in the open water like the lake and ocean. Leave them outside on the ground to embrace Gaia. They do not need to be clean energetically, but feel free to let them expose to nature once a month. 

Treat your tNANO with tenderly loving care!

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