Galactic Juice

Galactic juice

September 19, 2013 at 7:55pm




This is my own version of what I named "galactic juice" because it's for high frequency energy work supporting the body while it is doing sensitive work. Also, it is great for daily maintenance that is vital to stay healthy physically. Blending fruits, vegetables, and nuts are the most economical method of getting the best nutrients into your body in the least amount of time without taxing your energy. I like blending for my juicing because it's most convenient, economical, and mainly for its high fiber content. Everything that goes in blender, you will drink. Pure juicing does not give you the high fiber content for your guts to remove toxin and unwanted microbes in body. Also, the undigestible fiber allows natural intestinal flora- bacterias to thrive. Having a daily regular bow moment is necessary to remove toxins.

Drink minimum 1/2 gallon of reserve osmosis water with 1 teaspoon of salt. (check with your doctor for health issues due to change of diet).

Preparation: Make sure to use only organic and natural sources. Rise the fruits and vegetables in tap water then rise with filtered water. It is best to use reserve osmosis drinking water for juicing. Soak cashew, brazilian and almond nut over night before consumption.

Storing: Food storage in freezer is good for food that needs to be used for more than a week. For busy life style individuals, prep your vegetables and air dry. Pack them in ziplock bag. Put them in freezer. Fruits can be cut up into smaller pieces for future use. Soaked raw nuts can be stored in ziplock bag in freezer. Make sure to suck out air to prevent freezer burn. Eat fresh is best when it's alive!

Substitute: Know what food is right for your taste buds and your body. You may substitute in quantity or use food that is in season for best quality. Know your food allergies. *Avoid high sweet content food.

Tool: Regular blender ($10-20) is not bad if you are under budget. For the serious juicer, invest in the Vitamix ($500). Spoon to push down vegetables in blender.


1) 1 cup any of kale, swiss chards, arugala 2) half orange juice/slice
3) half inch lemon slice
4) 1/2 cup watermelon (chunk or frozen) 5) 1/4 cup grapes (seeds is good for you) 6) 1/4 cup seeded cherry

7) 1/4 cup blueberry (antioxidant)
8) 1/4 cup strawberry
9) 1/4 cup sweet potato (longevity)
10) 1/4 cup golgi berry (wolf berry. order online) 11) 1 tea of maca powder (order online)

12) 1/2 cup of papaya (digestive enzyme) 13) 1/2 cup of mango
14) 1/2 stalk of celery
15) 1/2 small tomato

16) 2" carrot
17) 1/2 raw beet (clean liver)
18) 1/2 kiwi (vitm C)
19) 1/2 cup spinach (iron is recommended for female moon cycle)
20) 1-1/2 cup reserved osmosis or Kagen type water
21) Supplement powder: protein (40-50 mg/day), chlorella. Follow instructions for your protein and chlorella. Optional: flex seeds, chia seeds, wheat grass, royal jelly powder.
22) 1/4 cup mixed nuts: brazilian or almond, walnut, cashew, sunflower seeds, pipits, pistachio.

Time: 5-10 mins if food prep is done in advance


1) Pour reversed osmosis water/distill water in blender. Substitute with almond/rice milk or pomegranate juice is okay.

2) Put in scoops of powder supplements.
3) Add all your vegetables, fruits, nuts.
4) Blend setting "liquify". Must be smooth and drinkable. Avoid chunky liquid.
5) Drink it as soon as possible to avoid oxidation and for max nutrients and vibration. (no more than an hour).

Makes 5 cups blender

You are what you eat. Happy drinking and energizing your mind, body, spirit.

Give blessing with love and gratitude. 

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