When you ordered the Elixir and tNANO products, we read/remote your DNA (not your aura or energy field) to make the products customized for you. 

Any of the products that you ordered through us have been energized and programmed for higher frequency to enhance for more powerful intensions.

The experience described in these testimonials are not necessary indicative of the results other may expect to achieve. Results will vary. 

Liability: We (including event team) are not liable for any given information, advice, lost/stolen items, accidents during the event and at site. We provide “entertainments” as we are not doctor/health care providers, and cannot give professional medical/psychological advice. Please advise your medical/health care providers before doing any treatments. Any legal actions taken upon us and opposed on us will be at your cost. No children (0-18 y/o) and animals allowed at event. No soliciting of your events/products/services without our consent.

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