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This is a Senior Master Level of Karmic Transformation. It is only for the "chosen" people whom are highly dedicated and committed to expand to limitless possibilities. It is not for everyone. 

You fill out a form, send it in. There is no consultation session. Anina  does all the work for you and will send you a notice once it is completed. Sit back and relax.

For thousands of years, there have been many negative rumors, gossip, and myths surrounding the use of hair and blood in doing sensitive work that are part of our pop-culture movies and media. Unfortunately, it has been ingrained into our belief systems that distorted the truth of what hair/blood can help humanity releasing itself of slavery. Jesus and Buddha have always guided us walking the light path and warned us of the false actions and false prophets, but it has not stopped people from misusing, misinterpreting , and distorting information and situations. Why? It is part of the ego for power and control to enslave humanity's freewill by instilling fear. Like attracts like, and it will keep the dark darker and turn the light into dark.

Why breaking away from the system...
All human beings are here to have the human experience in the life school using wisdom to guide them into enlightenment as part of returning home to the Prime Creator. Having the distortion and being enslaved prevents one from the ultimate ascension.

Undo what has been wrongfully done...
Over many generations, when you were born, you are being indoctrinated into the system where your DNA footprint and blood were taken at birth. Your parents registered you into the system that turns you into a bond (commodity). The moment that you entered into a mortgage for your dream home or being bound to pay taxes, you have given up full freewill rights to whom have enslaved humanity's freewill. Your life is being controlled with false freewill. You are usurped by network of webs of self interest groups. When you committed in the undesired actions or thinking, you are creating undesirable energy of yourself at the cellular level of DNA. Your choices of action whether under the mind control or not is still belong to you. Eventually, accumulation of all these energies engagement is catalyzed into your DNA to the mechanic of the soul that gets passed on to the next generation and reincarnation. How does one undo what has been done in the unrelentless cycle? Your DNA is contained in your hair/blood which is your very essence of who you are that is trapped by past generational events that is not in your current desirable life interests. In order to release your entrapment at the DNA level, using hair/blood is an extension of you that releases your web of slavery. Undo what has been wrongfully done to you-your DNA and restore your true highest Divine light.

Long haul...

Intention is one of the driving forces for evolution whether it is caused by nature and/or natured. The effects of negative thinking generated from an individual belief systems that is shaped by the self, DNA, and society catalyze into your DNA makeup. Your DNA is a imprint of biophoto energy that holds the key to everything of your current, past generation, and future identity, characteristic, health and well being, and survival. It is the record keeper of your existence. Deepra Chopra stated that our mind is one create our diseases. Wilhelm Reich "observed that the biological effects of this cosmic [chi] energy were evident in all living organisms. Decreasing the energy tiring symptoms and diseases may arise." (http://www.orgonenergy.org/medice.html.) How realistic is it to change how you think when we are under constant attack of negative energy, mind controlled, and having to deal with job, family, love ones, and money? And how fast can we change our negative energy into higher frequency in a short time when dealing with DNA change? How much control do you really have? This is a life time and hundreds of years evolution that starts with you. If the root cause of the problem is at the key, would your best chance be resolving it at your DNA? Healing starts within you.


Watch this video that explains why your intention, hair, and blood have significant in identifying your true being. (below)

Spiritual advancement
This is the advance level for spiritual seekers only. This level is not for everyone as each individual person is not mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually ready for the advancement. By achieving this level, one needs the higher level of maturation for accountability, integrity, and wisdom to practice divinity code for self and others. However, there are some situations in which one can change instantaneously or gradually from lower to highest frequency during these sessions.

I help facilitate your Divinity transforming at the Prime Creator level. It is the ultimate transformation that restores you to your divine birth right: owning your gifts, transforming your body to higher frequency, activating your awareness. This means that life that you have chosen still goes on, but with much ease and grace. As you continue on your spiritual path, it allows you to reach enlightenment and practice wisdom in divinity code that you are sent here to learn in life school. When your DNA have been usurped then you need to clear it at DNA level and at the highest level-Prime Creator. It is a way to undo what has been done to humanity that has been trapped for thousands of years.



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People DNA/soul have been hi jacked into the web system of slavery then correction at DNA is vital for existence for freewill. Fix it at the root cause.

Restore your Divinity!!! 

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