Cosmic Energy

Comic energy of the universe has been known since the dawn of human existence in many cultures for thousands of years. The ancient cultures have incorporated these knowledge into the life style and continue to practice amongst the Asian culture. However, in the western society, these sacred knowledge were removed and hidden from the general public as part of the mind control and power struggle. Knowledge of these dynamic of energy were fabricated and labeled as taboo and "mysticism". Despite the taboo and outcast, people continue to be born with special gifts to be able to see the cosmic energy on earth and/or on human body. Until 1939, electrical engineer, Semyon Kirlian, discovered kirlian photography that captures electrical phenomenon discharging from objects and living organisms. The discovery has opened up legitimacy in the pseudoscience. Other scientist such as Kilner was part of the movement and discovered aura that eminent light surrounding the human body. The progression of science and technology provided proof explaining the existence of the cosmic energy that is all around us and within us. It also opened up questions in the scientific community and people in the supernatural phenomenon that have been hidden from us. (page 1, http://www.mediacollege.com/photography/types/kirlian/)

Periodo europeo

In 1897-1957, Wilhelm Reich conducted a profound accurate investigation on the universal vital energy.  He coined up the word "orgone" after studying with Freud as a psychiatrist. He found during his lifetime researches investigation that there is a correlation between the human emotional energy with the cosmic energy. (page 1, http://www.orgonenergy.org/docs/Orgonenergy_Medicina_en.pdf)

Reich claimed that when the cosmic energy is decreasing, tiring symptoms and diseases may arise within a person. He observed that biological effects of the cosmic energy were evident in all living organisms as it has proven by the other scientific methods including kilain photograph. Reich's studies revealed that the human emotions, mental state of beings, and the environmental energetic force play a major role in a person over all of well-being. This is the life force of chi, prana, or astral light of the sacred ancient knowledge.

In Eastern philosophy of medicine and well-being, the life force, chi, is determined by the mind of the person whom generates it; therefore, diseases can be generated from individual. And it is up to individual to be in alignment  when acclimating to the cosmic energy. This cosmic alignment is the energy force that gives individual power to perform great martial arts. Some have called them the avatar. It is the essence of the comic energy that allows one to perform supernatural or super human actions. These skills takes a life time to develop and master in the mind, body, and spirit. 

During the Industrialize age, the Eastern and Western countries have exchange in silk, medical knowledge, and philosophy have been established in both of the world. Reich may have been greatly influenced by the Eastern philosophy and their concept of medicine during the time of the kirlian movement may have motivated Reich to invent a device to concentrate on this cosmic energy.  He called it the or gone accumulator. In his experiment, he summarized the general effects that the or gone device have on human body as follows:

            -generalised expansive vasotonic effect on all the biological system

            -increase of the internal temperature with warm flushes
            -decrease of blood pressure and cardiac rhythm slowing down
            -increase of intestinal peristalsis and breathing deepening

            -increase of the charge and the integrity of the tissues and of the immune system

            -overall increase of the energetic content, physical activity and liveliness

            -increase of growth rhythm, and injuries and fractures healing


            The effects of an energetic charge increase, obtained after the use of the Reich orgone accumulator, may differ.

            They are more evident in low energetically charged people, while they are less pronounced in subjects with

            already a good energetic charge. (page 2, http://www.orgonenergy.org/docs/Orgonenergy_Medicina_en.pdf)





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