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Using our tNANO tools may assist you in miraculous health benefits with positive results. Combine the tools with our consulting sessions may help speed up your healing journey by allowing you to make breakthroughs that are holding you back. Some walls are from personal decisions; however some maybe due to incurring of karma and ancestral karma which need more intuitive work. Together we will discover the root cause and what is really holding you back.

Life is a journey and it's up to you to make an investment with your freewill!


Tips for Successful Appointment:

1. Please read and check it twice before booking your appointment for Ancestral Karmic Healing/Lotus/Phoenix Session. No Exceptions. 

2. All consultation services (except karmic clearing) are done via Skype or phone call. *The clock starts when you call me even if your computer is not set up. You will be responsible for extra charges for the time incurred. Skype/phone number will be sent once booking is paid. 

3. All Karmic clearing is done on energetic soul level. There is no direct talking consultation session unless you signed up for private coaching. You fill out form, send it in, relax and meditate on reading the copy form. Anina will send you notification when the ceremony is successfully completed around the full moon. 

4. Total fee is in USD. Please include extra fees for paypal for the exchange foreign currency 10%+ Credit Card payment fee of $5 for ALL credit card user. No refund. 

5. 3-D Full Body Assessment Scan. This is done in person at the office.

6. We reserve the right to refuse services when protocols and boundaries are not respected. 

7. For full Service Schedule List, please request at tnanohealingtools@gmail.com

"My mission is to empower you to connect with your higher self and cosmic consciousness so as to find your life purpose and co-create miracles. You will learn the Universal Laws so that you understand and experience the power of claiming your Divinity so that you are free to live abundance life."- Gaya-Sha Nickie, MEd, "International Wholistic Consultant"



Repeating problems in life?

Healing growth is SLOW or blocked?

Need a FAST track solution to YOUR BLISS?


In 3 Easy and Simple Steps System that you can learn to Master Your Healing Power and Intuition Through Karma

Epigenetic is the new Karma. You will be able to understand and connect the science, metaphysic and spirituality taught throughout history about Karma. You will learn how biophoton energy that contains the genetic code programmed in your DNA, bloodline lineage, and ancestors that are currently expressing themselves resulting in many of today’s life challenges.

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