Gaya-Sha Nickie is an International Holistic Wellness Constant, an prominent author, and a Conscious Evolutionist. She travels around the world discovering the secrets of healing and longevity that the ancient people have been using for thousands of years. Also, she developed a transformation healing system over 20 years and worked with Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Luba helping over hundreds of clients. Gaya-Sha gives workshops teaching people how to break their life blockages and to create freedom. To help people fast tracking their healing journey, she created tNANO healing tools that helps people like you transform their lives. She has been seen on TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine in over hundreds of shows.  Her transformational system and healing tools have virtually restore people from cancer, emotional trauma, women that were rape, and much more. Her humanitarian efforts have lead her to speak at the Hungarian Parliament and received Honorable metal from the Polish Regent. She holds a B.S. in Psychology, Visual Arts, and MEd.

Gaya-Sha Nickie was born in Lao and raised with a Buddhist-Christian environment. Ever since she was young, she has been aware of her strong psychic connection to her spiritual center. Gaya-Sha Nickie is blessed with multifaceted gifts used in creative art of healing, life transformation, and higher consciousness work.

Gaya-Sha Nickie came from a long lineage of the Chinese Emperor. Her family established a strong political foundation after migrating to Lao. She received her spiritual training from being born in the time of the chaotic era of the Vietnam war. She, her family, home, and country were destroyed by the communist regime. It took them six years to travel across Asia as refugees escaping the atrocity of war. The family members were separated and fled to the U.S. and Europe. The life as a refugee moving from one camp to another was a journey and taught her about humanity. Some of the members stayed behind due to fear of being shot and raped during the escape. At the age of three, she remembers vividly of the her father execution before leaving Lao. All of the six siblings and her mother escaped the country and are now living in the U.S. Gaya-Sha Nickie is currently residing in San Diego, California. 

Gaya-Sha Nickie remembers many encounters with miraculous events as a little child. If there is one thing that she has in the depth of that inner knowing, it is of her own divinity in a different paradigm. She recalled her past lives and being able to see and communicate beyond. The adventure of life transformation from childhood to adulthood of several occurrences of near death experiences allowing her to expand to infinite boundaries. Today, these innate gifts allow her divine inner wisdom to help you on your own personal dynamic spiritual journey. She customizes her divine gifts to bring different healing modalities to each client, depending on what is needed for a successful transformational healing.


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