Karmic Transformation

“Our Ancestors Are An Aspect of Our Reflection Waiting to Be Discovered”- AninaThaiye

  1. Karmic Transformation is the transforming of the old lower frequency energies to a higher frequency that have been carried by your ancestral DNA. 
  2. By transforming to higher dimensions, you are activating your Divinity.
  3. Ancestral karma lives within our very own DNA. By doing healing it summons the ancestors, your past live, your souls, and your current life in a sacred place to be transformed. They receive blessings, healing of illnesses/pain/suffering, and release of their karma so that they can ascend. This process allows the ancestors to ascend to the Universal Source and allow them to incarnate back to earth on higher level instead of paying off karmic debt having to relive the life lessons of past karma. This clearing can be apply to all beings (i.e. living human, entity, pet, the deceased, your past lives).
  4. AninaThaiye performs a ceremony for the Karmic Transformation during the cosmic alignment. You only have to fill out the Karmic Transformation form.
  5. Form: Each person’s name listed in the document must understand this contract before filling out name. The initiator of this ancestor and karmic transformation may fill in the names for the deceased, their children, pets, and property. People who are alive must have understanding and give permission of the ancestor healing process due to freewill of their existence. Fill in the blanks as much as possible and leave blank for the unknown. How to prepare the forms?

  • "By filling out my name, I understand that I give my unconditional permission for my ancestors and karma of this life time and past lives to be blessed and released into the highest light of the Prime Creator, ”Heaven”. I understand that by releasing them that I will also be breaking all contracts (below). After releasing them, I have the options entering a new contract for only the highest of light within my soul family to return and work with me in my spiritual journey for my and their highest good when I ask to receive assistant. I understand that after the ceremony is completed that I am fully responsible for making appropriate morally etiquette choices and actions that is in the making of new good and bad karma for the future. For every karma, there is a lesson that needs to be learned or karma is kept to help educate/train me for my future success. Yes, I will have a clean start of life so I am practicing compassion, love, understanding, and forgiveness for myself and others. I will protect myself from negativities and continue to share highest frequency of compassion and unconditional love".
  1. Book your appointment.  Get Help with Form?

  2. After receiving email confirmation upon booking, please fill out Ancestral Karmic Healing form. It’s vital that you (your energy, DNA) complete the form unless you are doing for someone else given that you have conscious full permission.
  3. Use font size 8-10 and keep to 1 page total. Save as "ancestral karmic healing.your name". Send as pdf or doc.
  • Karmic Transformation Basic Form - This is initial step for general public. Anyone name can be on it. It works on your 3D body.
  • Please Read before advancing. click here.
  • *Karmic Transformation Entry Master Level Form - For people whom are interested in spiritual advancement. It works on your soul level. Only your name should be on it. Video on untwisting the blood seal.
  • *Karmic Transformation Senior Master Level Form - For people whom are interested in spiritual advancement and want to do higher sensitive work. Only your name should be on it. It works on your Divine level.
  1. Fill out form and send to:
  • Email: karma@tNANOhealingtools.com (the fastest method. Level 1 only. Use mail to avoid censored by internet)
  • Mail in envelope.
  1. Yes, form is done and sent? Do your part by daily meditation and recite Revocation daily until you received a notice that AninaThaiye completed the ceremony. Yes, AninaThaiye does all the ceremony. 
  2. After completion of Karmic Transformation, you will notice new energy. Please read our blog post on “Karmic Transformation – Steps Afterwards.”
  3. Buy your tNANO Tools to help sustain and amplify your higher vibrational body, protection, and transformation. 

Check Moon Cycle

*See video on Untwisting the Blood Seal

*See video on blood with Jordan Maxwell

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