Violet Elixir

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Quantum Connection to the "Higher Source"

"Assist in Ascension Symptoms"

SAVING: $1.50/day

How much time does it take for you to connect to the higher realm or spirit guides?  This is the solution for you. 

Possible Benefits:

-High speed connection as it works on your intuitive center of the neural fibers.

-Increase your auric field

-Clear off negative energy

-Helps clear your negative thoughts

-Increase your intuition

-Reduce unexplained fears & doubts

-Open heart chakra system

-Improve meditation

-Kills germs

-Improves healing

-Can be used on cuts

-Can be used to chase away negative energy possession 

-Increase self protection when using it regularly

-Reduce chances of getting sick

-Improves your DNA bioenergtic quantum field

-Violet has St. Germain & Arc Angel Michael codes

*What is the best effective method to use?

Directions: Shake well before use. Put several drops at the tip of your tongue and move your tongue towards the gum behind the front teeth. If you ran out, then you can add more to your tongue before applying it to the little pimple between the hard and soft palette on back top of your mouth. Yes, roll your tongue back.  It may require trying to locate them first before using the elixir. 

*Which Ascended Master Codes are you working with? The elixir comes in various depending on the mission. Please inquire directly for which sacred water.

1. Mary Magdalene  2. Mother Mary 3.Lemuria  4. Rainbow Codes

Ingredients: filtered water, sacred water, ormus, colloidal silver/gold/germanium, charged with Nikola Tesla tNANO technology. 

*For Best Results to Ride Ascension Symptom, take a complete set together: Dragon Food+Dragon Oil+Violet Elixir 

*If you are still dealing with unresolved situations, please make an appointment for a healer. 

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