Sacred Womb Cleanser Kit

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Who should be using it?

In general, if you are a female (ages +11) and sexually active then it is recommended that you douche to keep clean and fresh. On the spiritual world, it is highly recommended since the female is the key holder of the stargate allowing the human soul entering the 3rd dimensional realm matrix. We are sorry that there is no womb cleanser for men yet, but men can use the Dragon Oil in the mean time.

Possible Benefits:

  • May cleans out and disinfect micro organisms (i.e. fungus, bacteria, virus, parasites, amoeba) 
  • May Help to disconnect sexual cord with the past partners
  • May Help clear karmic entanglement with past partners and family members
  • Freshen up vaginal foul smell 
  • May clean and clear blockages of chakra 1-3 and helps promotes connection to higher chakras
  • May help healing of the past sexual trauma
  • May reduce unwanted and/or unexplainable sexual urges and attractions
  • May protect from sexual harvesting during dream time and meditative state
  • May Prevent dark spirit possession 

*It is highly recommended for a woman planning to get pregnant to clean in order to prepare for the sacred womb of the new incoming soul(s) space. *Be advise that it is not recommended to douche during any stages of pregnancy. Please advise your health care professional and medical doctors first.

*This product has not been known to prevent pregnancy. And it is not a condom replacement for protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

What Does It Comes With In a Kit?

  • -1 oz bottle of solution with dropper (can last up to 1 year)
  • -1 reusable douche bottle with screw cap
  • -5 pantie small pad
  • -zip lock bag for storage

How Often should you use it?

It depends on your sexual activity. Ideally, 1-2 times a month for a regular sexual activity with same partner. If you are not sexually active, then 1-2 times a year. This also will depend on the planetary alignment. 


It works just like any regular standard douche from the store.

Wash your hands with soap. Rise the douche bottle with water. Filled it to almost the top with room temperature filtered water. Shake solution well before dropping 5-10 drops in douche bottle. Seal the top well. Shake well. It is easier to do it during shower before bed time. Gently, insert the the tip inside to about 3 inches. Then slowly squeeze the bottle so liquid solution can enter the vaginal cavity. There will be some liquid excreting. This is normal as it fills the cavity. You can squat down to do the insertion too to make it easier. Observe the excretion. It should be clear and no foul smell. If there is foul smell, then repeat it again but add another 10 drops. Afterwards, stand up but don't force any excretion. Put on pad for you pantie and go to sleep. Walk slowly to help excretion. The idea is to keep the solution inside the vaginal cavity as long as possible. When lying in bed, cross your legs to close up the leaking solution. This is good time to incorporate meditation. 

Avoid any sudden movements such as running, jumping, and stretching legs apart, and empty out your bladder to keep the solution inside vaginal cavity. 

In the morning toilet time, you might see some excretion and it is okay. A normal health vaginal cavity should be clear, no foul smell, and pain free. 

If you are feeling any burning sensation the first 2 minutes, it is normal since you are used to it and while it is disinfecting the micro organism. 

Solution ingredients: colloidal silver/gold, ormus, violet elixir, rose, pine, Sacred Water, tea tree, geranium, oregano oil, filtered water, almond oil, and charged with Nikola Tesla NANO technology. 

*Which Sacred Water Code? Typically, MM is used unless you request.

1. Sacred Divine Feminine Mother Mary (MM)  2.Rainbow Codes  3.Mountain Shasta Lemuria Codes

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