Pendulum 16


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These pendulum are created from the artifacts found in Egyptian Phraroah king's tomb. I tested them myself and I really like them. You know my motto: fast, easy, powerful.
These pendulum will do the work. The pin point end gives more accuracy when using to read map or words. I prefer metal over crystal,gem,stone because metal conducts energy much better. Our body is made of electricity and it's this electrical wiring in our system connecting to our brain, consciousness, subconsciousness, and outside forces that help move the pendulum.
You can still program it, but it contain very small space for that. What this means is that it takes less cleaning to do on metal. Crystal, gem, and stone are more programmable and require frequent cleaning and clearing to give you pure reading results without the contamination.
Pendulum is great for "rainy" days when your 3rd is shut down, but you really need answers to life situations.

These pendulum can be worn as pendant too.

If you don't know which one is best for you, please send me private msg and I will read you to help you pick one that is best for you.

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