Anti EMF

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Stop EMF from causing cancer, other illnesses, psychic attacks, and cloudy your intuitive mind....read more. Get your anti-EMF now!

You will directly have protection against electro magnetic field (EMF) and lesson your direct absorption. When you are holding and touching any electrical devices (skin to device), you are absorbing EMF directly instead of just using anti-EMF devices inside your home. Those stand alone devices works like air filter and works in your energy field. 

This is a sticker using sacred geometry and infused with high frequency to transmute EMF. This technology was brought by blue ET ray ET race.

The technology is used for anti-EMF on cellphone, tablet, laptop, and any electrical devices to protect your body.

It goes inside or outside of the cellphone case and/or inside the cellphone battery cover area depending on your type of case. For super tight cases such as Otter, it goes outside. 

Save $ 30 when you get a pack of 4 for $59.97.   It makes a great gift for your love ones.

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