The professional collection is for the master healers. It is very special extensive collection. This is for people who are the professional energy worker such massage therapist, reiki master, matrix, etc...A complete main meridian of the human body portal will detoxify/filter out the chi and energize the body at cellular level. They are immune modular that will harmonize endocrine system and hormone system. They may remove pain and transmute "unwanted" energy that is already manifested as "illness". 


5 of I AM One with Creator- Use it anywhere on the 15 chakras specially in the crown area. Place i disc for each feet and knees. I personally use 30 when doing healing on one client.

1 of I AM Divine Goddess- Use it for restoring and balancing of feminine energy for men and women. Use it on the chakra #1-4 specially in the sexual organ area. 

1 of I AM Unity- It restores and harmonizes the scattered brain waves (i.e. ADHD, forgetfulness, can't stay focus). Use it on the head area. 

1 of I AM Love- This is like an "open canvas". Use it for the highest intention of the client anywhere on the body.

3 of Cone8- Place 1 cone underneath massage table at mid center of body. 2 cones are pointing directly on the head.

2 of Cone6- Fit in the master healer's hands to drive energy with highest intention.

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