Dragon Oil

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"Does-It-All Miracle Oil that You Can't Live Without"

"Assist in Ascension Symptoms"

I created this massage oil to treat my own damaged soft tissues and broken bones, and severe pain from a frontal fall. My right hand took all the impact from the fall and resulted in rib cage, spine, bone, fingers, wrist, arm, shoulders were off alignment in addition to the broken bone and damaged soft tissues. The muscles, ligament, and tendons became like noodles with massive pain. I lost control of my hand and fingers. My body went into shock. My entire right side had to be immobilized. I went to see an acupuncture and the doctor couldn't do much due to the edema and inflammation. So, I created the ointment to apply on the entire arm to relief the severe pain. I used it twice a day and massage the area for 15 minutes. I saw and instant healing and recovery. My arm is 90%full functioning within a month and a half. Within a month, I was packing and lifted a 50 lbs luggage without problem or pain with that injured arm, wrist, and fingers. For those that know me, my total body weight is 100 lbs to be lifting half of my size! 

I used it on my own broken arms & wrist, fingers, damaged soft tissues, insect bites, and clear negative energy to support my optimal health while living an "Indiana Jones" lifestyle in unsanitized & remote areas around the world. 

Here are example of more cases:

Case 1# Last night I went over to give treatment to a friend whom had a frontal fall 2 days ago. I applied it on his black and purple bruises on both eyes and lip that was also swollen and had a cut outside and inside the mucus membrane of the mouth. Within an hour the edema went down and the black lip disappeared. The client reported, "my left bruised eye also changed color from black purple to almost normal skin color".

Case 2# In another treatment, I applied on a women with 2 back spinal surgery and chronic sciatica pain. I didn't give her a massage. The entire pain was relieved and helped relax the client to fall asleep. The client reported to have "no pain" when woken up and that made a significant different how the level of happiness she experienced from living with 10 years of suffering. She did have to use it regularly as her health did improved on overall. 

Case 3# Apply a smear of oil on your favorite pendulum to do healing. 

Case 4# Some people have used it to treat compromised lungs in the steam spa room. They diluted with water 1oz:5 drops oil in spray bottle to spray. 

Case5#Spray on lower legs before venturing out into the woods preventing bugs, ticks, insects, pests from crawling on your legs.

Case 6#A man went to the amazon to become awaken by using ayuasca. Instead, he came home with possession of some entities. His friends noticed that he was a "different person". He applied on all his chakras and his body was shaken. His friends reported that "he is back and cleaner" person.

Case 7# A healer applied some oil on her hands and did energy healing touch on an elderly woman without touching her wounded ulcer. 

Case8# Apply 1 small drop of oil on your hands and rub together. Do not touch the animals, but rather just put your hands above the animals to give healing frequency of the oil itself. You are working as energy transfer to the target site. Do NOT put oil directly on animals as it is too concentrated and maybe allergic. 

*How the Dragon Oil improves your life may be different for everyone. 

Possible Benefits:

  • heal the bruises and swelling
  • anti inflammation
  • works deep in the cellular tissues to heal & repair
  • restores damaged of soft tissue, broken bones, bruised bone, mucus membrane, stretch mark, sprains, over worked muscles, muscle spasm, minor cuts, scares
  • kills germs, bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites
  • moisturizes the dry & problem skin
  • promotes relaxation, calmness, sleeping aide, rid stress
  • promotes total body recovery and restore energy
  • reliefs tight and sore muscles, ligaments, tendons
  • reliefs chronic pain, sharp/dull/throbbing pain
  • clears the stressful mind, negative thoughts, and promote general happy thoughts
  • promotes restful sleep without having morning body aches and pain
  • restores the light body matrix and close the leaking etheric light body
  • promotes meditation experience
  • promotes clearer thoughts & visions
  • provides protection from negative entities
  • promotes clearer thoughts 
  • reduce fears & doubts
  • helps increase immune system
  • promotes opening chakra system from blockages from the cellular body instead of fumigating with sage on the surface
  • reduces negative energy entanglement 

*Do Not put near eyes as it may burn. Do not drink it. Do not give to pet. Please use with caution. Like everything else, always advise professional health care/medical doctors if you have pre existing medical conditions and taking pharmaceutical medications. 

*This is highly concentrated and can be diluted with base oil; especially, applying on extra sensitive skin, open cuts/wounds, children, and pregnant women. Dilution: 1/4 of bottle oil:4oz base oil. This will give you approximately 4 bottles. FYI: the more you diluted it, the lesser the strength. 

*Topical use only. All natural and the highest quality ingredients. Not tested on animals. 

Ingredients: organic almond oil, pines, geranium, rose, arnica, clove, tree tea, oregano, lavender, frankincense, wintergreen, evening primrose, sacred water of Rainbow Codes, colloidal silver/gold/germanium, Ormus, Violet Elixir, magnesium, and proprietary blends of key minerals. Charged with Quantum wave from our Nikola Tesla tNANO technology. 

*Our ingredients come from clean, holy sites, and highest mountains around the world (i.e. Himalayas, Greece, France, Mountain Pyrenees, Kalish, Siberia, Bulgaria, Australia, Northern India, Lemuria,...).

*Some ingredients may varied as each is individually designed and crafted for the client. 

How to Best Use It: Take a bath or shower. Then apply before bedtime so healing takes place during dream time. Always apply the main chakra points (i.e. front & back chest, tail bone, belly button, bottom of feet, behind ears) first then the targeted areas. Promotes circulation by massaging oil to the areas. It is not necessary to wash hands afterwards because the oil can help clean your energy field.

*For Best Results to Ride Ascension Symptoms, take a complete set together: Dragon Food+Dragon Oil+Violet Elixir 

*If you are still dealing with unresolved situations, please make an appointment for a healer. 

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