Manifesting for Your Neighbors

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Nickie Thetsy | 10 comments

up date on my neighbor: I don't know if you remember that my neighbor (a single dad) was without a job do to his company pulling out of the Chicago area...Anyway, I had put an intent for him to find a job that he loved...Not being specific & allowing the Universe to send in whatever he needed...He ended up having 3 businesses all wanting him to come work for them...The one he chose is only 7 minutes from home & he is receiving the same pay & all his same benefits as his old work...He is so estatic...He loves my cones...My cone also delivered ajob to his daughter that is absolutely loves...Now waiting for a job to come thru for his son...I'm sensing some thing will come thru in Feb for his son...Uhna

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  • Ahna Akee

    Update on manifesting for my neighbors…
    On January 31st I updated you on my neighbor who as a single parent had just lost his job do to his company being sold…I placed his name under my tnano cone 16 with the intent that he find another job…Not only had he found a job but he had 3 jobs / businesses all wanting him to come work for them…At the same time I mentioned his daughter for whom I also placed an intent to find a job she loved in her field & that paid what she was worth…She too ended up with 2 job offers in her field & at her asking salary…Now for the son. I just found out that YES as of yesterday (4/11/14)he too has 2 job offers to choose from & at the salary he wanted…He starts his new job in a week…Both children had been looking for about 2 yrs for a job in their fields & within 6 months all 3 of them have secured jobs they are thrilled about & that pay very well… Ahna

  • Iratxe

    Thank you very much Uhna. Your explanations are georgeus, love, love, love.

  • Uhna Ahki

    2/3/14 @ 8:16am
    This is a continuation of my 1/31/14 message…Here is some additional information you might like…After I declare that my energetic columns have connected Universal Sources heart center & Gaia’s heart center, I declare that this column is surrounded by mirrors that ‘reflect out’ & ’back to their point of origin by an increase of 10 million fold (you may use any number that feels right for the work being done) everything that is NOT for the very highest & best of the work being done…without exception…& that this be continuous 24/7 from this point forward…without exception…I then declare that the vortex that is within my energetic medicine wheel (this forms automatically when you connect the 4 directions (cones) one to the other) to be activated to its very highest vibrational frequency…without exception…

    The other pictures that I have included show the healing work I am doing for the planet…I purchased the map at a book store…I wanted a large enough one so that when using my tnano cones I could easily pinpoint countries / cities in need of healing…In this case the cones are directed on the Eastern USA & on the Middle East..My tnano cones are zeroing in on these 2 places for ‘pinpoint super healing energy’…You will see other holders marking places such as the UK, Fukushima, & the Philippines…These are also of great interest to me right now, as were the fires in AU..The holders that I am using are my own invention & are easily placed wherever they are needed…They allow for continuous pinpoint healing without my standing there & using up all of my energy…I can leave them for as long as I want in any given area (one day, 2 days whatever)& healing is going out 24/7…As I am placing my tnano cones, I intend that I am sending out 100% pure love, 100% pure compassion, & 100% pure forgiveness that ALL may be healed NOW, right NOW & without exception…I also send the area & its people 100% pure love, 100% pure light, 100% pure gold energy & the white light essence of Home…In addition I send to its people the very highest vibration of the Violet Flame of protection & the very highest vibration of AA Micheal’s cobalt blue energy of protection…without exception…

    Hope there are ideas you can use…
    In Love & Light Uhna

  • Narelle

    Hi Uhna,
    Thank you so much for your detailed descriptions, the guidance is greatly valued and appreciated. This gives me ideas to work on and to become creative with. Much love and gratitude!

  • Nickie Thetsy

    This is a very powerful set up. Using the map and targeting the areas with the cones help your intention without taxing your energy and having to sit there working on it all day. Now you can multi tasks saving the world while playing with your kids and have a “normal” life. <3

  • Nickie Thetsy

    That’s so beautiful Uhna. Thank you for sharing your heart with others.

  • Uhna Ahki

    Uhna 1/31/14 @5:27
    A few more thoughts…I have been using conventional ways of manifesting for quite some time & always eager to try new ways to manifest & help my fellow human…I have never before seen such a quick & powerful response to an intent as I have experienced when using my tnano cones…There is no comparison when it comes down to it…If you’re serious about your work, the only way to go is with the use of the tnano products…They are 100 times as powerful as doing it the ‘old’ conventional way…I’m all for results…NOW…I believe that because of the tnano products my intents are on a fast track straight to Universal Source…

    I also do not believe in telling Universal Source how to do his job…He’s much better than I am at it…This is another reason I don’t get specific / or demanding when I intend…

  • uhna Ahki

    Uhna 1/31/14 @4:44pm
    Sharing our gifts is why each of us are here at this time…I have 2-cone6’s, 2-cone8’s & an cone16…What I have created is an energetic medicine wheel that is 6 feet in diameter…I placed my cone16 in the middle, my 2 cone8’s directly north & south, & my 2 come6’s directly east & west…Your cones must be directly in the north, south, east & west position…Use a compass if needed…Under the cone16 in the center is where I place all of my ‘intents’…Each morning I activate my medicine wheel by stating: it is my intent to now connect the 4 directions of my energetic medicine wheel…I now connect the north to the west, the west to the south, the south to the east & the east to the north forming a perfect energetic circle…I intend that this energetic circle now expand downward forming a column that connects to Gaia’s heart center…I now intend that my energetic circle expand upward forming a column that connects to Universal Source’s heart center…I declare that both Universal Source & Gaia are now connected to each other thru my energetic medicine wheel, without exception…

    But it’s not just intents that I have there…I have a copy of the grid system surrounding Mother Earth & a copy of Earth’s chakra system…
    As for the intents, I try not to be specific so as to leave it up to Universal Source to bring forth what he/she wants to…

    With regards to intents, mine usually flow along these lines:
    Universal Source, it is my intent that _____ find a job that he really loves & that showcases all of his talents & gifts,& is a job that he will love…I DO NOT specify what kind of job, what salary it needs to be, or location…I leave that all up to the universe…In this particular case my neighbor had 3 job offers within 3 days…He took the one that offered him the same salary, benefits & vacations as his original job…In addition to this it is only 7 minutes from home & he has also been given even more ‘perks’ than he had at a job he held for the past 40 yrs…Needless to say he is flying high & absolutely loves my tnano cones…In fact He doesn’t want me to remove his name from under my cone…This has also worked for his daughter in finding her perfect job..Now I’m working on his son getting a job…

    In the case of healing: Universal Source, I intend that ______, be totally & completely healed & returned to his/her Divine Perfected form, without exception…This allows Universal Source to heal what is in need of healing without interfering with lessons that the person may be working on / karmic lessons…

    I state my intention out loud to the energetic medicine wheel & then I place my intent under the cone16…I NEVER re-visit it…I allow it to stay without interfering in the process…

    I also have sat within this energetic medicine wheel to do my energy work…Also I have sat right next to it to work…I also like to place a cone under my chair when I work…I am then a very clean / clear channel for the work that I am doing…You can also place your cones (depending on how many you have) in the shape of an equilateral triangle with your chair in the center & a cone under your chair…All of these are very powerful ways to enhance your energy work/healing work…

  • Nickie Thetsy

    Can you share how you set up sacred geometry and how did you manifest?

  • nickie

    Hi Uhna,
    It’s wonderfully generous of you to be sharing your gifts with your neighbors. Having multiple cones set up in sacred geometry really speed things up! Blessings to you.


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