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Posted on November 01, 2013 by Nickie Thetsy | 8 comments


Interview here - http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkqVA3eOTRo


Nickie Thetsy will be a guest on Nov. 9, 2013@6-7am PDT

with host Detlev from Switz in English. Show will be translated in Germany.


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  • nickie thetsy

    Yup Mauryeen, you are 100% right about that. The military complex of these nations are very diligent about it. Wondering other people are having the same problem with wifi, computer connections.

  • Mauryeen

    Too bad there was an over-lay of the audio…It was on their side, as it had also been on the German program before Nickie came on…
    BUT, interestingly…as soon as Nickie began to heal him, we / I lost the audio portion of the program…They, the station, tried to bring on music but that was cutting out every third word too…Somebody didn’t want that portion heard…I knew it was to be a powerful show, powerful enough that somebody didn’t want the energies released…

  • Mauryeen

    Well, this was not easy to get into, but I am in…
    It is a marathon program, all day Saturday…It began in all German & Nickie is now being brought on…There is a voice over-lap / delay…
    Everything is being heard twice
    To get into this broadcast you need to:
    click on the first half of the URL (there are 2 URL’s given)‘United WE Stand’…Then click the following
    Radio schedule
    wake news radio
    http:wakenews.net/html/wake_news_radio.html (in yellow)

  • Mauryeen

    As of right now, Friday evening, I am unable to pull-up this program to check on its availability for tomorrow morning CST…I’m getting an ‘error’ message saying the page has been pulled…If anyone has any further information, please post it here so I can see it.

  • nickie thetsy

    Nov.6@11am pdt shop internet is still down. The uk Russian German military complex n their super soliers are striking back to prevent global Divinity Code activation. They sure didn’t like it when I place 50 arch Angel team protecting Detlev and claiming his divinity. Lol
    This series of events motivated me to help others claiming their divinity because now we all know its working effectively. Ommmm sending them love.

  • Nickie Thetsy

    Tues,Nov.5, I went to my tNANO shop and all the internet was down. We had several IP addresses and they all were down on the day after my interview with Detlev at 12-2pm PDT. During this interview, I clearly stated the government and organization of UK, Germany, Russia, USA were the main ones that were monitoring him. They had him basically cornered from a half of mile covered in radius. As he said to me that he is constantly being attacked by mails, emails, etc…After the show, off live air, he confirmed that he feels lighter and his tight chest was feeling lighter due to prior stress that he had to deal with.

  • Mauryeen Jurczak

    On Monday (11-04-13) as I was listening to the video “Activate Your Divinity” suddenly my laptop computer totally froze & this excruciatingly loud sound was emanating from it…All functions on my keyboard were frozen…I tried everything I could to stop / turn off the sound & my computer…This went on for an hour during which I repeatedly tried turning off my computer, unplugging my computer & even removing the battery…Everything I tried had no effect & the noise never stopped…I called my computer ‘go-to’ person & he could hear the loud noise over the phone that was emanating from my computer…He had never heard of anything like it before…I had already tried all of his suggestions & he was stumped as to what I should do…Finally I removed the battery & unplugged my computer (this time I did both at the same time) & that short circuited the interference my computer was experiencing…After leaving my computer sit for an hour I had no problem rebooting my computer…It was as if nothing had ever happened…

    At the exact time that I was experiencing all of this, Nickie was giving an interview…Coincidence??? There are no coincidences…My guides informed me that it was outside interference…Apparently they didn’t want me to listen to this video…I was never interfered with personally nor was I ever in any danger according to my guides…I was well protected by my Tnano cones & disc…In addition I put up layers & layers of protection twice a day…As Nickie always says ‘protection, protection, protection’…It is so important to protect yourself…In my opinion, they went after my computer as that was the only thing that was vulnerable…

    Thank you Nickie for Tnano…

  • Nickie Thetsy

    i just finished recording for this show. it was really intense 2 hours. Detlev was not sure how to have a person like on his show and was gonna keep it to 1 hr and we ended up doing solid 2 hours. i was able to perform healing on Detlev and cleared out lots of military complex n vicious “dogs” programmed and designed to attack him. and not to mention all the implants extended to half of a mile in radius. i i.d. the woman german spy from russia with sexy legs. i i.d. the countries keeping “tabs” on him.


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