Endocrine System is the Secret for Abundant Life

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Nickie Thetsy | 1 comment
Tonight @9pm-11pm PDT, 12midnite EDT. Aurora Light, Nickie Thetsy, Terel, Dr. Nick Delgado will be on Studio B, www.freedomslips.com

Here is the break down of the show:
1. Terel will give us updates on the Black star project.
2. Nickie will be interviewing Dr. Nick Delgado on ENDOCRINE SYSTEM IS THE SECRET TO ABUNDANCE LIFE. He is a respectable world renown doctor and researcher in nutrition, health, and fitness. He has written books, competed in the world class weights at age 60, created his own supplement products that is non-gmo, safe for vegan.

*3. These some of the sample topics that we will be covering:
How to manage Breast Cancer,
How hormones can enhance your psychic ability,
How to design your own sex baby,
Ovarian Cancer & more…
HOW to stay young naturally
HOW THE Planetary alignment and the shift effects our human body. What to do with it and how to manage it to stay balance.

*We love to hear your questions, so do call in during the show.
Call-in Number: 310-421-4053
*Also, there is chat room where you can post your questions. "CHAT ROOM, STUDIO B, 12MID NIGHT" . You can be anonymous. Written schedule is based on Eastern Time Zone.
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  • Giovanny

    I laughed out loud at first, and then the grave rlozieatian hit me that, and correct me if I am wrong, you would likely assent to creation science being taught in school over evolutionary biology? That there would be the biggest failure of intellectual honesty, especially in higher education.


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