Clean the Root to Clean the Heart & Mind as To Watering the Tree Root to Nurture Its Fruits!

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Sign & Symptom of Compromised Root Chakra:
1. constant sciatic pain that can be temporary relieved by body work. you need to see chiropractor and massage therapist on regular bases.
2. has hard time getting pregnant.
3. has multiple intimate partners or just the "negative" partner.
4. has sexually transmitted diseases (i.e. yeast infection)
5. loss of libido.
6. addicted to sex with multiple partners.
7. leg pain, hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain.
8. foot numbness and sometimes you can't fell your needle poking into your skin.
9. knee pain to point of knee injury because your doctor said your knee is weak.
10. self grounding is comprised and has hard time being grounded.
11. dyspareunia
12. dysmenorrhrea
13. constant urinary tract infection.
14. abnormal menstrual cycle.
15. moody and short temper.
16. emotionally unstable to point of needed medication and compromise moral ethics and make bad decisions.
17. you need pharmaceutical drugs to relieve pain.
18. early menopause.
19. abnormal endocrine functioning.
20. adrenal distress that may already been effecting other fight or flight hormones to keep your body in harmony.
21. during the menstrual cycle for both men and women, the sign and symptom is exacerbated.
22. "it's common that most of my chakras are out of balance. "
23. "i normally feel weak, tired, and out of balance, can't focus, lost interest in sex, and can't think clearly".
24. can't orgasm fully.

Possible causes:
1. contamination of root chakra with snake energy. this looks like "fish hook". the body will naturally try to protect itself by blocking or closing down the root chakra so the dark energy will not spread to other chakras.
2. the energy can be transferred from one host to another through sexual intercourse. this is the primary cause.
3. the carrier may received energy healing but it's not enough and continue to have sign and symptom (see above) and/or including remission after pharmaceutical treatment. "the problem just doesn't go away!"
4. physical parasites will deconstruct the host etheric matrix causing deformation of the cellular normal function.
5. rape victim whether in flesh, dream time, out of body, in other dimensions.
6. unknown implant in root chakra.

Virtually highly effective solution:
1. If you answer more than 3 sign and symptom then you may consider having more evaluation. The dynamic of human being is complex. Book your appointment for in debt look into your physical , etheric body matrix, and akashic record. http://www.tnanohealingtools.com/pages/book-your-appointment
2. The Elixir is very powerful. The Elixir is a customized order. when you ordered it, your energy will be tuned in and read.

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  • Eduardo

    Hello dear Nickie form Eduardo and the ‘Prepare For Chang’ team in Los Angeles.

  • nickie

    A tree is one of the most greatest wonder of Mother Gaia’s creation as a foundation of living being total existence. A tree lives a simple life. It requires water, sun, nutrients from the soil to survive.
    If a tree doesn’t get exposure to the sun light for several days, it will survive. If a tree doesn’t get enough nutrients from the soil, it will survive but will produce minimal amount of fruits and leaves. If a tree doesn’t get enough water, it will survive for a short time by absorbing water from the soil.
    If the leaves are all cut off from a tree, a tree will still survive because the root. But, if you cut off a tree’s root, a tree will surely died.
    The root of the tree is the foundation for functioning of cellular programmed structure. It’s job is to generate energy as food source to feed it’s entire body and storage of informations. Our human body is the same. In the human body, we have the root chakra that generates energy to feed the entire 15 chakra system and other meridians. Within this power generator, it contains memories and programs that get disseminated. People whom received energy healing were treated on other chakras instead of putting heavy focus on the root cause of the problem. Client may received temporary relieved, but the problems continue.
    On the creation aspect, the pelvic area of the root chakra is the stargate for soul to enter into the 3rd dimension. This is a portal created with programmable means. Imagine propagating your blood line children with these unwanted programs and what kind of life you are creating for them!
    Therefore, it is vital to consider healing and clearing of the root chakra at the very foundation is necessary to fully eliminate the negative problems effecting our total health at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.


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