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The best gifts come to you when you least expect them...

I had made an appointment with Nickie for a Phoenix secession maybe 3 weeks ago...My guides told me that it had to be on 11-22-13...Not a day before or a day after, but on that date...That the energies would be right at that time...I knew leading up to Thanksgiving & on into Christmas the energies would be building at an accelerated rate, yet I didn't know why that particular date was so important...I have learned to go with what I am told & that took me a long time to learn...

That morning in the shower (the best place for them to catch me), I was again told:
"The energies are right...Your work with Nickie today is going to 'catapult' you to the next level, my next level...The 22nd through the 25th are important days for you energy wise...Nickie is going to take you up 2 'notches' (not 1 & not 3, but 2...They were very specific about this)...It needs to be done today & Nickie is the only one to help you with this...This is not something you can do on your own...This is going to be a 'Major shift' for you...This is to affect your whole physical body including your mental body, emotional body, etheric body & your aura...It will affect every cell in your body...It will be an 'energetic transformation, a major transformation"...

Needless to say I was very curious & couldn't wait to talk to Nickie that day...Neither one of us had any idea as to what was about to transpire...As I was finishing relaying the above message to Nickie, she told me to be quiet & just breathe...Nickie instantly began to speak & sing in the language of my Soul...It was incredibly powerful for both of us...Nickie went all the way back to my connection with Prime Creator at a Soul level...All the way back to my creation even before I was a Starseed...She experienced the breath from which she saw the spark of light that was to become 'me'...She then saw me formed into an energy Being & then into human form...All of this transpired while she was singing / speaking my Soul's language which lasted a full 4 minutes...To say it was a 'profound experience' does not do the whole experience justice...

Thank you Nickie for assisting with this most wondrous gift, "The Gift of Eternity"
In Eternal Love & Light
Uhna Ahki
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  • Narelle Carter

    thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience <3

  • Jean Scoblic

    love this reading thanks 4 sharing


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